yoga classes

Yoga Teacher Training Program

World-Class Teachers — SUMA Yoga Institute focuses on providing students with special class settings for individualized & personalized attention from the teachers. They are quickly accessible to students throughout the day.

Loving Community — Every teacher and staff member of SUMA Yoga Institute is passionate and committed to providing the best possible experience for every student… Institute is a spiritual hub for knowledge seekers to develop, grow and nourish their souls. It’s a community established on love, enthusiasm also a profound belief in the transformative powers of yoga. We believe in living a yogic life.

Fun date – Sunday, students take a break from their yoga classes to explore the many tourist destinations in and around Dehradun. Excursions include rafting the Ganga River, visiting and exploring the natural treasures of the area and, meditating during sunrise.

Green campus — SUMA Yoga Institute prides itself on cleanliness & providing students with a peaceful natural learning environment. We are very grateful to be located so close to nature with its clear and magical energy wafting onto our property. Our yoga halls are colorful, bright, and modern with a beautiful, gorgeous mountain view.