Kids’ Yoga Classes Camp

It’s never too early to get kids started on yoga and meditation. By creating a passion for yoga in them early on, they will be able to maintain a sense of wellbeing and balance well into their adult lives. We put so much pressure on children nowadays, with school and college workloads becoming more and more stressful, so it is essential that they learn positive coping strategies to see them through these most important years.

Our kids’ yoga classes are specially created to be as fun and engaging as possible, so that kids stay interested and focused, and take as much from their lessons as possible. By adapting our classes to each child’s individual abilities and needs, we ensure that they have a great time, while also staying fit and healthy. Thanks to our kids’ yoga classes, our retreats and services are something that the whole family can join in with, so why not make the trip out here together? You’ll be brought closer together, while also making a positive step forward in your lives.

The 4 Day Camp is an experiential introductory course to Yoga theory and practice where children would experience a yogic way of life with various fun activities like pottery, gardening, cooking without fire, etc., which helps them to incorporate ideas in every field of daily life and experience peace.

The program also covers Asanas, diet, games, recreation, attitude training, relaxation and skills of concentration through an introduction to techniques of meditation.

Highly trained teachers conduct this course.


4 days. The camp starts on a Friday.


  • Non-Residential: 3000/-(Inclusive of course fee, 4 meals a day)
  • Residential: 15,000/- (Inclusive of course fee, accommodation on triple occupancy basis and 4 meals a day)

Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.


  1. To enroll you need to complete the application form (online or hard copy). You will receive a confirmation of approval by email or telephone.
  2. Campers are advised to wear loose-fitting, comfortable and appropriate clothing such as full-length track pants and T-shirts.
  3. Capris, shorts, tank tops, low cut shirts, short and sleeveless T-shirts are not permitted as per the Institute dress code.
  4. Woven mats are provided at the Institute.
  5. For residential participants – triple sharing accommodation, separate for gents and ladies, with attached bathroom, the toilet is available. Please bring along your personal toiletries.
  6. Campers are encouraged not to leave the premises during the course and will be required to abide by the Institute’s code of conduct.