Daily Schedule

6:00 AM
Time to wake up

Our students rise early, the gurus rise even earlier. At 6 AM, the weather is very pleasant and our terrace is a great place to view the sunrise.

6:30 AM
Freshen up with Pranayama & Purification Session

A daily routine of cleansing, light breathing exercises and sitting exercises to kick start your day full of energy.

8:00 AM
Gear up for your Ashtanga Yoga Class

The morning Ashtanga Yoga class, the challenging class in the morning helps you gain strength and power to

9:30 AM
Enjoy a nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast is served with an Indian breakfast dish, bread, porridge, fruit salad, green tea etc. We ensure that the breakfast is nut and milk free for vegan and allergic students.

10:00 AM
Time to understand Philosophy & Anatomy of Yoga

Time to unravel the mysteries that lie within. Understand your body, your mind and the principles that make Yoga such a wonderful science.

1:00 PM
Enjoy your Lunch and take a break

Time to fill up your bellies with a heavy Indian meal. According to Yogic practices, the afternoon meal should be the heaviest meal of all day. Don’t forget to take a nap and get ready for the evening classes.

3:15 PM
An afternoon Meditation session in peace

Our ashram is usually very quiet in the afternoons, making it the perfect time to meditate and discover your inner self.

4:15 PM
An Evening Tea to cheer you up

Tea, Smoothies, shakes, and other traditional Indian drinks are served in the afternoon to delight the students right before another challenging Yoga class.

5:30 PM
Time for a Hatha Yoga Class

The evening Hatha Yoga class is a great experience, the class is usually taken in open either on the terrace of the ashram, the lawn or on the banks of river Ganga.

7:30 PM
Enjoy your Dinner & get ready for a sleep

The dinner is served early at 7:30 and the ashram gates close at 9 PM, all students must take dinner on time and goto bed to ensure.