Daily Classes For Yoga

Daily practice is an ideal way of Yoga education. These classes cover Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, diet and Yogic lifestyle. Personal attention to health and counselling on other aspects of life is given.

Participants are divided into groups based on their individual health conditions and separate guidance is given for each group.

If you are physically fit and want to experience Yoga, then we recommend you to join the daily class.


Classes are of 1 hour duration held on weekdays

A minimum attendance of 3 months is recommended, to experience the difference in your life. Can join on any day of the month.


Men’s Class  7.25 am,   6.25 pm
Women’s Class 6.30 am, 12 noon,  7:00 pm
Men & Women 8:00 pm 



Health counselling is a compulsory pre-requisite (even if there are no health issues) on admission.


Registration and fee collection will be done after completion of counselling.


Rs. 2500/- for the first month (inclusive of fees for counselling), and Rs.1500/- per month thereafter.
Annual fees Rs. 15,000/-