Shri Avdhoot Ashram is a decades old Ashram established by Shri Chandan Dev Avdhoot ji maharaj and his disciple Swami Shri Raghuwar Dayal Shastri Shankhya Yog Vedantacharya Ji in 1961.

 The Ashram was established to facilitate sages and scholars who visit Rishikesh in search of truth and tranquility. The ashram serves its purpose till date and is one of the most preferred places for sages and visitors coming to Rishikesh.

The Ashram has added a newly constructed wing to its facility with modern amenities and facilities to makes the visit of western learners comfortable and delight them with great hospitality.

Ashram staff is trained with professional hospitality experts to ensure that the scholars do not face any trouble during their stay. Most of the staff either understands English or is assisted by someone who will help you communicate with them.

The new facility of the Ashram is dedicated to TTC and other special programs of the Ashram, there are ample security and hospitality provisions to make sure that the students do not face any trouble.

IYMS appoints a dedicated manager to ensure that the needs of the students are met by the ashram staff. However, there are limitations to services, the students need to stick to the Ashram schedule to avoid any inconvenience.