Suma is a confluence of tridirectional efforts as symbolized in our logo in which ‘Green’ signifies nature and growth; ‘Red’ is for passion and love, and ‘Yellow’ to maintain balance and harmony. These colors are significant for they reflect our pursuit of bringing individuals closer with the elements of nature, connecting them through love and passion while creating a harmonious equilibrium between the self and the universe.

Life with SUMA

SUMA – Life at SUMA is to evolve, blossom & grow. SUMA is a spiritual provider of Knowledge, Experiences, and Practices based on several ancient life philosophies. SUMA aims to raise the well-being of the mind, body, and soul by propelling people to achieve balance, fulfillment, and contentment.

Our Courses

Yoga And Meditation
1 Month Teacher Training Course
Yoga And Meditation
2 Month Teacher Training Course
Yoga And Meditation
6 Month Teacher Training Course
Yoga And Meditation Classes
1 Year Teacher Training Course
1 Month Meditation Teacher Training Course
Daily Classes
Kids’ Yoga Classes Camp
Weekend Yoga Classes
Yoga And Meditation
Children’s Class
7 Days Camp
 6 Days Camp
Corporate Workshops
Corporate Workshops
Couples Classes For Development
Couples Classes

Our Programs

Yoga And Meditation Classes
The Book Club
Book Club
Kids’ Yoga Classes Camp
Kids Camp

Our Upcoming Bhraman`s

Kumbh Mela tour package Haridwar

Get Free Photo Portfolio

We do a photoshoot on every student and design a great portfolio for them so that they can achieve success in their career. Whether you are going to work in a place or start your yoga studio, a professional portfolio is a great help. T&C Apply

Student Life

Life @ Suma

Awesome Food

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Amazing Sightseeing

Great Waterfalls

Our students enjoy their training…

Yoga And Meditation
Yoga And Meditation
Yoga And Meditation